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Welcome to CLA Document Preparation Services! Where we have been helping people represent themselves in court on common issues since 2007. Our success can best be associated to our affordability and guaranteed customer service. We are not attorneys, and the services we offer don’t require their attention. Our services include the preparation of both estate-planning  documents and personal legal documents…
CLA Document Preparers represent a low cost alternative for legal services. NOT a substitute for an attorney—-an alternative.
Some consumers cannot manage to pay an attorney’s fees and lacking some sort of assistance, typically go without taking an action at all.  The results can be devastating to them and their families.

CLA Family Services

Child Support Modification   $125.00
Child Support Visitation/Parenting Plan Modification  $125.00
Paternity           $150.00
Divorce     $150.00
Name Change  $150.00


Adjustment of Status (Green Card)   $300.00
K-1, K-2, B-1, B-2  $300.00
US Citizenship N-400 includes fee waiver I-912  $99.00
Certificate of Citizenship (Children under 18) includes fee waiver I-912 N-600  $99.00
DACA  $125.00


Bankruptcy Chapter 7  $250.00
Bankruptcy Chapter 13 $350.00
Wills  $99.00
Powers of Attorneys  $35.00
Quit Claim Deed  $35.00
Living Will $35.00
Living Trust $200.00
Taxes for Individuals: $25.00
Taxes for Businesses: $50.00 + call for quote
Your role is simple! Answer the questions provided . We will create the legal documents that are specific to your situation; the documents that are prepared for you are based on the detailed answers that you provide to us. You will receive an e-mail* containing these forms that will need only your signature! We will also send detailed instructions on how to file the documents. Download, print, and sign! Then it’s just a trip to your local courts to file.

*overnight delivery will be extra

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